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Window Cleaning

Since our start in 2006, Window Cleaning has always been the main focus of Infinity. Consequently, we have become experts at what we do- brighten hundred of homes and workplaces throughout the Tri-State area. We provide window washing services to our customers year round- keeping many storefronts sparkling through the darkest times of the year.

When you hire Infinity to clean your windows, you can expect more. Not only is the glass brought back to a brilliant shine, but we will wipe your sills, and wash the exterior frames. And screen cleaning is always included, free of charge, with a full in & out washing. If you decide to let us handle just the exterior of your windows, we will still clean any screens that are installed on the outside of your home.

When you have us take care of your windows, you can also expect less…

  • Less Hassle- We are happy to move any furniture needed, and move it back when we are done. We do ask that if you have any priceless items near your windows, that you move them (this is for your peace of mind and ours).
  • Less Worry- You can be at ease, knowing that your family and home are protected by our $1 Million insurance. You can also feel safe, as we have spotless criminal records, and Glowing Reviews.
  • Less Work- For you, that is. It is our aim to leave your home exactly as we found it, only with spotless windows!
  • Less Interruption- We realize how busy life is, and that everything can’t be put on hold when the window cleaners come. We are comfortable working alone if you can’t be around when we clean. In fact, for many of the vacation homes we service, we have yet to meet the homeowners!
  • Less Aggravation- We don’t play games with our pricing. Check out our no-nonsense price list below, and see that you’ll be getting the same prices as your neighbors.


Pricing For Window Cleaning

No Nonsense Price List
If you are interested in a complete and customized quote for window cleaning, we recommend using our ResponsiBid program here: Instant Quote, or calling us directly at: (802) 380-9036. If you’re just looking to get a quick idea of our pricing, please view our price list below.

Infinity Cleaning uses a “per window” model for pricing. We have a base rate for each type of window which includes cleaning the inside and outside of the glass, wiping the sills, and washing the screens. We then will add onto the price for additional features like multiple “French” panes and storm windows.

Types of windows:

  • Double hung or slider windows: $13 per unit
  • Casements, small to medium sized door panes, other fixed windows: $8 per panel
  • Transom windows: $6-$8 each
  • Picture windows: $15 each
  • Skylights: $20-35 each depending on difficulty of access

Other features:

  • Storm windows (small): $7 per panel.
  • Storm windows (large): $20 per panel. On some homes,  the picture windows will also have storms installed with screw tabs on the outside. These are very cumbersome and heavy!
  • French Panes, or ‘True Divided Lights': $0.33 each, added to the base rate for the window type they are in.
  • Removable Muntins (used to simulate the look of French Panes): $1-$2 per window to clean and reinstall


  • A ‘six over six’ double hung window costs $17 dollars to clean. This is calculated by starting with the base rate for a double hung window ($13) and adding on $0.33 for each pane (12 x $0.33 = $4)
  • A picture window that has 72 French Panes and a storm window costs $59 to clean. $15 base rate plus $24 for the divided panes and $20 for the large storm panel.
  • A set of 3 casement panels with Pella clip-in storms and muntins between the storm and window glass would cost $48. 3 x $8 for the casement panels, 3 x $7 for the storm panels, and 3 x $1 to clean and reinstall the muntins.

We have a $175 minimum for any Residential window cleaning service.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get Started!

Get an Instant Quote, or Call or Text us right now at: (802) 380-9036.